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Monday Crushin’

When I crush on something, I fall hard and I quickly obsess.

Here’s what I’m crushin’ on these days.

Scarf: I read about it on Chookooloonks and promptly put it on my Christmas list.  If you see me, I’ll probably have it on.  It’s soft and the color is deep.  There’s a million ways to wear it.  However because it’s sheer, you won’t see me wearing it as a dress.  No one wants to see my bits and pieces these days.  That ship has sailed.


The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook:  People, I’m obsessed with Cook’s Illustrated.  No joke.  I’ll say it again: they could make shit taste like fillet.  And I’d eat it with a side of vomit if that’s what they recommended.  You need a cookbook?  You want just one?  Get this one.

Clementines:  I’m finally at an age where I know these cuties have a period of deliciousness.  Eat them now and savor them.  Because when their season is up, it’s like eating tomatoes in the winter.  They suck.


Flannel robe:  If I could wear it to the grocery, I would.


Quilting: It’s winter, so I want to be under a blanket all the time.  And what’s better?  A homemade blanket.  Right now, I’m obsessed with Oh Fransson’s work.  If I ran into her, I’d blush and stumble all over myself.  I can’t decide which of her patterns to start next: Sparkle Punch or Mod Mosaic.  But one will be running through my sewing machine.  Mark my words.


Adele: I’m still head-over heels obsessed with this woman.  It’s almost sick.  I think we’d be really good pals.


Almost Lover

Lose Yourself : I never said my crushes made sense…

Photography crap: VSCO presets for ACR.  I have no words for these presets other than: I love you.  Hard.