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Me Obsessions

Let’s talk about things I’m obsessed with this week.  It won’t be Internet heavy because I can’t seem to get wrapped up in the Internet.  I don’t care about Renee’s face.  It’s Hollywood and it’s happens.  Ebola?  Yeah I guess that’s scary to a few people.  I haven’t listened to T. Swift’s new NY song.  I will.

But I’m obsessed with normal every day Me shit.

    • Pressure Cookers.  Oh sweet good Lord, this is the most beautiful invention ever.  How did I live without this for so long?!  The beans are the most delicious beans I’ve ever had and in 20 minutes?!  20 minutes!!!  With no soak?!  Bone-in chicken thighs in less than 15.  And the best tasting white rice ever: boys approved and devoured.  It’s like the pot conjure’s up Black Magic and I don’t even give a damn.  Go.  Buy One.  NOW.
    • Halloween is almost over.  That’s right.  It’s almost over.  I’m sick of it.
    • I’m still digging Lena Dunham’s book.  Thank you for writing refreshing shit for women.  Ladies, buy it or simply read it.  Just do it, ok?
    • This article.  I don’t like babies (that’s a given if you’ve been with this blog for a while).  I thought it was a magical thing that happened once you had your own baby.  It doesn’t always work like that.  But here’s the thing: I adore other people’s babies.  I beg you, let me babysit!  Cause I can give them back.  My own?  I survived.  And I’m really proud of that.


  • Day 100’s photo.   I think that people should have strong serious portraits as they mature.  Show the world that you’re wise and fucking full of badass piss.  I believe that pets should get that as well.  She’s sweet and old.  Her days are numbered and that hurts in a way I didn’t anticipate.
  • Knitting.  It’s a cold weather thang.
  • Hand-stitching on a quilt  Come on?  That’s some sweetness for a baby girl.



  • Coop was trying to answer a homework question with: Because that’s the answer.  “You can’t write that.  It sounds SmartA.  Explain why it’s the answer,” I said.  He answered the next question and I repeated my last statement.  I know he wasn’t being a Smart Ass but it clearly sounded like it.  The third time, I asked “Why am I saying ‘Smart A’?  I mean what else would you say for Smart A other than Smart Ass?!  Just don’t be one and don’t say, ‘Smart Ass’ yet.  OK?”  Coop responds with, “Well, you  could say SmartAlec.”  Smart Ass.
  • Hozier’s “Take me to Church.”

  • Neil Diamond is coming to my town.  I think it’s a show I must see.  Hearing the opening of “America” is something everyone should hear once.  Indulge me and just agree.  Pretty please.
  • Last night while scratching Becks’ back I asked him, “Isn’t this the best?”  Expecting a hearty YES from him (the kid loves a good scratching.  even bossy about it), I get a surprising: NO.  Kind of annoyed because I was scratching well past my normal length, I asked “Well then Becks, what’s the best if this isn’t?”  He quickly responds without turning from the tv, “You are Mom.  You’re the best.”

Give me something else I need to be obsessed with.  Please.

I dig being obsessed with something, anything, everything.