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Love is Our Resistance :: Charity Print

“Take your broken heart, make it into art” -Carrie Fisher

Social media and 24-hour news channels can make the world seem bleak.  What can we do?  Postcards, phone calls, talk to your neighbor, educate your kids, donate.

Repeat the next day.

But one day I hit a wall.

Sweatpants, wine, “Cops” marathon all under the guise of #selfcare.

And then an inner pep-talk happened.  An inner ass-kicking occurred.

“C’mon, Erika. You’ve got skills.  Get up.  Don’t fall for this crap.  Help others.  Do it.  You’re lucky.  Don’t squander your luck.  Remember when Ma said, ‘If you’ve got talents, you have to use them’?  Remember?!  Keep the sweatpants on but do something! Ok, fine…  Finish that glass of wine first.” 

The next day I went to a protest rally with a talented friend.  We marched.  Chanted.  Listened to brave speakers.  And photographed it.

Afterwards, I had several people ask about purchasing a Hi-Res file of a “Love is our Resistance” photo.  “I’ll pay.” they said.  Right now, I’m not interested in profiting.  I’m ready to give.

Some people are new to our country.  They’re starting over.  They need basic necessities.  They need to create a new home.

Let’s remember America’s values.  Let’s remember to love and accept everyone no matter their religion, race or nationality.  Let’s love.  It’s can be that simple.

Let’s give love unselfishly and let’s give it often.

Send a donation via PayPal to:  Give whatever you can!  Pick your price!

With your donation, I’ll send a hi-res file of “Love is Our Resistance” photo.  You’ll be able to print up to an 8×10 photo.  If you’d like something larger, please send me a PM and I’ll send the preferred donation amount.  Unless specified, the file will be sent to the email used to donate.

All proceeds will go to CRIS.  It’s a local organization that helps refugees and immigrants reach and self-sufficiency and achieve successful integration in Central Ohio.  Basically CRIS helps refugees and immigrants create a home in Central Ohio.  And trust me, home feels good.

You give.  I’ll give.  We’ll give.

Love.  It’s that simple.