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Little boy

The air is filling with the scent of Fall.  Crisp mornings greet me for the walk to the bus.  Pumpkins are popping up on porches and Christmas decorations are lining store aisles.  Let’s take a trip back to warmer days.

Jennifer and her family lives outside of the CHOICE loop, but she really wanted to have her fourth baby with these midwives.  CHOICE was able to find a kind woman who was happy to let Jennifer fill up a birth tub and have her baby in her front room. Early one August morning, I got the text that she and her family were driving down.

Her husband worked on warming some water and her girls helped fill the tub.  Jennifer patiently worked through contractions.  Once she got in the tub, you knew it wasn’t long.  She was about to become a boy Mom.

She was determined and passionate about meeting her son.

She was calm and strong during contractions.

She filled the room with raw beauty.

And during those morning hours, she radiated as she became a mother again.

It’s this intense and stunning beauty that draws me to Birth photography: the story of a birth, the strength of the woman, the support of a partner and the compassion of the midwives.  I’m allowed to document those powerful emotions.  I create a reminder for many years to come.  During Wynn’s 4th birthday, I hope they’ll pull out the photos and remember the love that permeated a stranger’s home one August morning.

wynn_setupwynn_laborwynn_birthJenniferKreischer2106.jpg RyanKreischer2016.jpg


wynn_checkupNinaMcIndoe2016.jpg WynnKreischer2016.jpgNinaMcIndoe2016.jpg WynnKreischer2016.jpgWynnKreischer2016.jpg


JenniferKreischer2106.jpg WynnKreischer2016.jpg, HilaKreischer2016.jpg