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Let’s Do This, Summer

Ever since we bought this house, we’ve been waiting for Summer.  One of the “requirements” for the new backyard was a sunny spot.  I’m pretty sure my thumb is black, but I’ve never been able to accurately test it.  The new house had to have sun.

We’re also big fans of the Backyard party.  For us, it has always been the perfect way for parents to be able to hang as adults.  The children are contained and we get to chat for sometimes 15 minutes.  Depending…

So we’ve got sun and space, we’ve just been waiting out the days.  I hate to sweat and mosquitos love me, but I’m pretty damn excited for 2013’s Summer.

This weekend, we welcomed our new Summer.  I know… Summer doesn’t officially start for a month.  But in our house and most houses, Memorial Day rings in the season.  On Saturday, we braved garden centers and home improvement stores to start the first garden.  Sunday we had a small party and I forgot to take pictures.  But I did snag a few of our adorable guests.  Finally on Monday we wrapped it up with some projects, races, basketball, and some grilling.

I hope your holiday got off to just as good of a start.

Sweat be damned.  Bring on the stink.

Start of Summer from Erika Ray on Vimeo.