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Lazy Gal Sews Part 2

All your three block rows are done, right?  Good, let’s make ourselves a 9 patch block.

The first thing I did was find three rows that I really enjoyed and stacked them together.  I wanted to see if the colors matched up.  Here’s where things can get a little tricky if you let it, but we aren’t going to let it.  Cause we’re that awesome.

Take two rows and put right sides together.  Grab a pin and push the pin right through a seam (where the two fabric were sewn).  You really want the blocks seams to match up as closely as possible.  Pin on the second seam and you’re done.  If you crave perfection a little more, feel free to pin in the other spots as well.

Let’s say your two seams aren’t lining up as closely as they should and there’s a lot of fabric bunching up.  Maybe you didn’t cut one strip exactly six inches.  Maybe the seam wasn’t like all the other seams.  It’s ok.  Easy fix.  After you match the seams, get the fabric taunt and sometimes I play with it a bit by bending it.  This will ease the fabric into place.  Then I load it up with pins.  When I sew it, I sew right up to the pin before I remove it.  It usually works.  Remember if the seams aren’t perfect and they don’t match up, you’re the only that will see this minor “boo-boo”  Trust me.  Now if the seams are 3 inches off, you fucked up somewhere…  3 millimeters and no one gives a shit.

After you sew the first and second row together, sew the third.  And tada…  A 9 patch block!

I made three blocks before I started to plan out the rest of the blanket.  Three blocks was a good start, but after that I was afraid of having blocks with the same strip.  That might look funny.  I took my three finished blocks and laid them down.  I then grabbed three more strips and laid out a block below.  I continued laying strips into fake blocks until I got a lay-out that was pleasing to my eye.

Once you’ve got something, remember to be careful with how you pile them.  Always go bottom to top.  Left to right.  Marking them with post-its.  Take a picture with your phone.  Something so your remember how your final lay-out.

And then start pinning and sewing all your 9 patch blocks.  When you’re done, you’ll have 27 blocks.  Iron the blocks really well before you move onto the next step.

When you’re finished making each block, you’re ready to finish up the top.  I make the blocks into rows and then sew the rows together.

Again match up your seams and sew the first block to the second.  And then the second to the third.

One row done.  Repeat with the next 3 rows.  Again, iron those rows before you sew them together.  You want really flat seams.

When you sew the rows together, you’ll match up lots of seams.  Take your time and do your best to match them up.

Before you know it, you’ll have a finished quilt top.

Look closely at that top.  See anything wonky or wrong?  I’ll give you a couple seconds.

The middle block on the last strip was sewn in wrong.  Surprisingly, I noticed this before I had sewed the rows together.  I usually don’t catch my mistakes that quickly.  I could have fixed it, but I figured it serves as a nice reminder.  Usually I start sewing and I get cocky.  When I’m all done, WHAMO, I notice the big fuck-up.  Yes, I could have ripped out the entire rows and then ripped out that block.  Turned it and no one would ever know.  But that would be some extra work that I don’t usually feel like doing: lazy gal.  So I left it to serve as a nice example for you folks.  If it really bugs you, do the extra work.  If not, come up with some nice line to throw people if they ever ask.  “Life isn’t perfect and I feel like my quilts should reflect life.”  But trust me, no one will notice or question you about it.

Start sewing your block into rows and then your rows into your quilt top.  You got this.

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