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Keep Digging

I like the fresh start of a new year.  I don’t make specific resolution, just a plan to live better.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it fizzles.  But I love the idea of a blank slate.  And I think even if you hate resolutions, you also plan to make the next year better than the last.  You’d kind of be a weird human if you didn’t.  We can always be a little better.  Maybe it’s being nicer, giving back more, eating better, or hugging a little more.  Because don’t we always want more from life?  And on 1/1, we get to flit around the dream of having more.  Perhaps you know that come 1/3, you’ll be back to crabbing about your boss or bitching about the uneaten meals left on the dinner table.  But on those days, try really hard to rewind to the optimism of this day.  Dig hard for it and when you find a sliver of it, hold tight.

Today, the boys are digging around for all the yellow Lego pieces.  Today, I’m spending one more day doing nothing.  Because come tomorrow, I’ve got to dig back into my life.  2013 feels extra sparkly and good to me.  Maybe it’s a new neighborhood.  Or maybe it’s the new things I’ve got brewing.  I don’t really give a shit why it feels good, I’m just digging in and going with it.

Favorite thing I’ve read about 2013: Thank you Neil Gaiman.