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At the cabin, my dad went around the room and told us why he loved us.  Everyone. He said, “You never know when it will be the last time.  You should know why I love you.”  This concept isn’t special to my father.  Oprah built a career on spilling this type of advice.  But when my dad says it, I believe it.

This is my friend S.  I’ll use her initial because I know she loves her privacy.  I type this with a sarcasm that she will understand.  I met her about a year and half ago and I love her.  Let me tell you why:

She asks lots of good questions and gives you her complete attention for the response.

She’s the first “Mama Bear” Mom that I will continue to hang out with (I might have to explain that one to her.  But she’ll get it.  I know it.)

She has a vision.

She’s honest.

She’s talented.

She goes out of her way to find a good printer.

When you rap your bullshit to her, she doesn’t call you on it.  Because she believes you might have a method to your bullshit.

She talks to me and tells me stuff.

She was surprised that I roasted a chicken.

She picks great kid names.

She picks great names for other things too.

She knows camera junk.

She would have been the only to know that I staged this photo and she wouldn’t have told anyone.

Tonight, I could tell that she’s on the edge of her creative moment.  All I want for her is to trust it.  Go with it.  Raise her voice and share it with the entire world.  I want her to stand on the edge and Freebird into that moment.

Come on.  Do it.

edited: She jumped.