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Intense Love

Repeat clients are special.  They make the birth photographer’s job a little easier:

  • You know how to get to their house and where their bathroom is (it’s hard to ask a partner or working midwife “Where’s the bathroom…”).
  • You know the kids’ names and you recognize a sweet face that has grown into a toddler.
  • You remember that some clients have the most awesome beds and sheets (Note to self: buy those gray sheets).
  • During the shoot you feel privileged to be allowed back into the the room.
  • You know the client’s labor style (it rarely varies that much).

So repeat clients give the birth photographer a couple of breaks in a job that’s full of uncertainties.

Holly and Trevor’s fourth child is the second birth I’ve photographed for the family.  Baby 4 was very similar to Baby 3, but a little more intense with back labor.  And anyone who’s attended one of her births knows she does labor and delivery with intensity.  And I don’t mean this negatively, she’s simply passionate.  But if you know Holly, I’m guessing you aren’t surprised.  She seems to live life intensified!  Her life is full of color!

Labor and delivery will be no different.

With both babies, she was incredibly polite.  She’d have a strong contraction and would share it with the room (maybe the neighbors).  But each time it slipped away, she’d quickly apologize.  The apology was always greeted with a choir of Midwives, “Holly…  You’re having a baby.  It’s ok.  You got this.”  She loves to labor in the shower and each time the Midwife helped her in, I’d hear, “Thank you so much for supporting me, Jill.”  She’d hug and love on her children even during the strongest of contractions.  She encouraged her youngest daughter to stay for the delivery (psst… It took no encouraging.  I think she’s a midwife in training).

When her fourth baby decided it was time to say Hello, I got to hear her sweetest response a second time.  Within a second of him being placed on her chest, I heard “I love you so much already.  I just love you.  Honey, look at him!  I love him so much.  I love you, baby.”

That kind of love is immediately intense.  And that’s exactly how she does it.  The entire room swells with her beautiful intensity.

Thanks for letting me witness it one more time.

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