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I’m Going to Be Surprised

When they pulled Becks from my belly, he was in a standing position.  The OB said, “Lucky you.  He’s been standing on your cervix for a while.”

I wasn’t surprised.  It’s hard to ignore an almost 9 pound baby standing on your goods.

When the nurses cleaned him up, he was screaming.  She said, “I don’t think we’ve ever had one go on for this long or this loud.”

I wasn’t surprised.  He’s my kid.

When he asks me the same question 10 times with the passion, determination and the intensity comparable to a lawyer on a wrongful death-row case…

I’m not surprised.  I hear myself in his voice.

When he wants to snuggle in the mornings and begs me to scratch his back, I happily agree.

I’m not surprised, he’s my baby and I realize that I treat him as one.

If he doesn’t do well with the Kindergarten transition…

I’ll be surprised.

He’s a confident, “I Don’t Give a Shit”, independent, funny, sweet, and smart kid.

I beg you, Kid.  Please don’t start surprising me now.

** this photo hurts my heart.  It isn’t possible that he’ll walk to school in a few days.

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