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I’m Better at Working

Every winter break rolls around and I find myself admitting again, I couldn’t be a SAHM.  I feel no shame or guilt in saying it.  It’s just a fact.  For the past couple days, I’ve seen lots of Moms leave sad Back-to-School updates on FB or Twitter.  Not me.  I was almost bouncing as we walked to school.  He wasn’t as thrilled, but I understand that too.  It’s hard when you go from one extreme to another.  And working versus home full-time is pretty extreme.

I came home and was able to listen to Howard Stern.  I was able to avoid settling fights or worrying if the video game had been on too long.  I didn’t wonder once about the educational value of the day.  We were able to get back to our normal schedules and that feels good.  He even admitted on the walk home that he enjoyed getting back to his class and friends.

Not only could I work and do chores at my own pace, but I was able to get sucked into little things.  For example, the fleeting light of a late afternoon.


Maybe some would think focusing on a Mom mug as I celebrate the fact I was childless is a little tacky.  I get it.  Maybe a tad bitchy, but whatever.  Truth is, this mug is my favorite for green tea and I had just used it.    But I love it because I’m a Mom*.  And my kids are in school or daycare.  And I like it that way.  And I love them to their core.  But I also love myself.  School and daycare are required.  So is taking time to be creative when you aren’t completely exhausted.  I think the day was a success.

*Plus it’s puke green and I love puke green.