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I’m a Convert

I never understood why people didn’t find out the gender of their baby.  Whenever I heard, “It’s one of life’s few surprises” or “I don’t care either way” I would go mental.

Trust me.  That day is full of surprises!  Like how bad it actually hurts!  You don’t forget.  Ever.  And  pooping on strangers is never a commonplace act.  You’ll be surprised by that, Ladies.  So will your partner.  It’s either a BOY or a GIRL.  50/50, Folks.  Of course you have a little tiny preference and that’s OK!  Life is so much easier afterwards if you actually know.  Your drawers won’t be full of green.  Just find out!!

I just never got it.  Even after attending my first birth where the parents didn’t know, I still wasn’t swayed.

And then I saw a few more.  The Momma’s face when she knew she had been right all along.  Her face when she swore it was a girl and she clutched her son.  The sibling that screamed with happiness because he finally had a brother.  All of these emotions were undeniably rare and so extremely joyous.  It truly is one of life’s greatest surprise.

My last birth sealed the deal.  I have one more thing to add to my “Thankful I Won’t Ever Have to Make that Birth Decision” list because I’d totally go with NOT finding out.

Melanie and Michael had one daughter, Evgenia.  And they gave her the job of announcing the gender of Baby #2.  She was very active in helping Melanie during contractions. She gave some encouraging words, kisses, rubbed her arms, sprinkled some the water, and even showed her a stuffed lion for focus.  As Melanie approached the final leg of labor, Evgenia thought puzzles were a better place to put her attention.  But when the baby came out and as Melanie and Michael took a little break, she came running in the room.  She took a peek and announced, “It’s a Boy.”  Grandma noticed otherwise and did a minor correction.

When Evgenia realized she had a sister, the room exploded with the kind of love sisters have for each other: enormous, deep, loyal and fierce.  Having my own sisters, I know this love.

I’m so happy to welcome these little Ladies to the Sisters’ Club.

Evgenia and Elliana, hold tight to each other.  Grow in this love.  Allow your parents to nurture the relationship when the teenage years test it.  Lean on it when adult life calls for it.  Relish in the moments you’ll share as women.  There truly is no other bond like it.  You’re so very lucky because you are Sisters.

Congrats, Ladies.  Thanks for letting me watch the first moments of this beautiful relationship.20140527-_ELR2200focus_humor_grace20140527-_ELR223020140527-_ELR2246labor20140527-_ELR2398its_a_girl20140527-_ELR243320140527-_ELR253720140527-_ELR260320140527-_ELR266320140527-_ELR2701

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