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If I Ever Got a Tattoo, It’d Say…

“It is what it is.”

This is the time of year when the 365 seems to slog along.  Last year, I remember getting really excited because I reached 290.  I couldn’t find anything else to photograph.  I figured the majority of the photos should be amazing.  And I was sick of looking for amazing on crap days.  Let’s be honest, most days lack Amazing moments.  I could see the end in sight and I vowed to never do another 365.  “Never” is an awful word, isn’t it?

This year, I don’t feel the same sloggishness of the project.  I’ve gave up the hunt for Amazing on day one of 365 Part 2.  My version of Amazing isn’t your version.  And I’m perfectly happy with my version.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been taking maybe five photos a day of the same scene.  And three of those are because I forgot to fix my settings from the previous day’s photo.  By Wednesday, I made it a habit to check my settings before I snapped.  And on Wednesday and Thursday, I took 2 photos.  Two.  This is pretty standard with Round 2.  I figure one of the photos will work.  I no longer worry about “Is it in focus?  Is it composed correctly?”  I’m better at figuring it out prior to the shutter snapping.

But I’m better at not giving a shit.  It is what it is.  And for me there’s a pride in that.  I take a weird pride in my ability to not over-shoot a situation.  With a fast camera, you can get into the Over-Shoot trap real fast.  I don’t need a dozen photos of my kid laughing.  One good one will make its point.  The more photos you take, the more you have to delete.  Or the more you have to save on a hard-drive.  Or the more you have to edit.

I touch my camera less and less throughout the day.  And when I pick it up, it’s because I need it.  Every single wrestling match isn’t documented.  Every giggle at the dog isn’t snapped.  Every party or family gathering isn’t interrupted with my shutter clicking.  Because I’m not a portrait photographer, I get to choose what moments I want to freeze and remember.  I don’t always choose the ones other people deem worthy.  Those moments asks for me to be out of the moment: outside the fun sphere.  These days, I’m shooting solely for the 365 because I need a break from the other photo moments.  And that’s ok with me.  Because it is what it is.