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I quilt because I can.

I’m a really bad quilter.  Trust me.  It looks fancy from here, but I’m not good at it.  I do it because I can, not because I’m good at it.  I can sew right sides together.  And I’m persistent to finish.  Because even though it isn’t perfect, it’s a finished blanket.  And that’s the main goal.  Last week, I saw all my boys covered in a blanket I made.  This scene is why I finish.  Definitely not because I’m good at it.

I rip when I should cut.  My seams are never a quarter-inch or even a scant quarter-inch.  One edge is always wonky.  My bobbin’s tension is always off.  My backs are littered with puckers.  Every now and then I realize a seam didn’t catch and it’s too late to fix.  But perfection is over-rated.  Perfection for me means nothing would get done.  The pressure is too high and I’m too lazy.  I quilt because I can.  I enjoy picking the fabric and envisioning my family under the blanket.  I know how to match right side and push it through a machine.  I know someone will enjoy the blanket as a Lego mat or it will be used at a picnic.  All my crappy techniques don’t matter on that day.  And that’s why I do it.  It’s that simple.

I started this one as the first for our new house.  Along with the rest of the world, I love the yellow and gray combo.  I had big plans to decorate the living room in this combo.  Seems natural that I start a quilt with that color combo.  I ripped the squares and started with a busted machine.  My lazy quilting wasn’t a good fit for a broken machine, but I kept going.  Finally, I couldn’t take it and got the machine fixed.

When I restarted this quilt, I knew it wasn’t for me.  This quilt belonged in another house.  Becks walked by and said, “Ma.  This is a really nice quilt.  Good job.”  Thanks kid.  Mark saw it and loved the zig-zag on the Charlie Brown back.  “This is really great, but we’re not keeping it are we?”

Nope.  It’s going to another home that I hope loves it as much as my family did.  I hope they scatter Legos all over it.  I hope they have summer picnics on it.  I hope they curl up under it when they’re sick or when they’re happily watching “Popeye.”  for the hundredth time.

And I hope they don’t mind the mistakes.

Enjoy it Jess.  It was always yours.


  • Sarah Jane - What a beautiful quilt. Looking forward to spotting it in Jessica’s photos.
    Your quilting ways sound like what mine skills are looking like becoming. The friend that’s been helping me with mine kept checking to see if I wanted to go back to fix things or stop so we could wait until we had a slightly better set up than currently. Nope, I want to get it done. It will be flawed and I’m quite alright with that.February 12, 2013 – 4:48 pmReplyCancel

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