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Hot Cocoa Problem.

We’re going on Night 5 of No Heat.  Thankfully it has warmed up, but an inside temp of 60 degrees isn’t comfortable.  We’re bundled up at night and running space heaters.  There’s lots of tea drinking going on and I made some hot chocolate yesterday.  I was really excited to pick up my mug and sip down it’s goodness.  I’ve been making the same recipe for years.  I used to love making a big batch at the start of winter.  We’d power through the entire batch before the first blades of grass popped through the snow.  But yesterday, I was left underwhelmed.  Almost done right pissed at it’s blah-ness.  I remember it being creamier.  Sweeter.  Better.  I need a new recipe pronto because I got a feeling we’re going to get into Night 6 of No Heat.

I’ll try these:

Mexican Hot Chocolate. I love a little heat with my chocolate.

Dreamy Hot Chocolate.  Where’s the butter Ms. Deen?  I’m pretty sure I have one can of sweetened condensed milk taking up space.

Hot Cocoa Mix.  I’ve got a good feeling this one will win because it comes from America’s Test Kitchen and I believe they could make dog shit taste like gold.

Share if you’ve got a stand-by.


p.s.  Whenever I see food photography, I think back to those kid program that showed how the food was fake for commercial shoots.  Soap stood in for hot bubbles.  Plastic was the main actor and glue made oatmeal’s texture.  Anyone else remember that or was I an odd kid obsessed with fake food?  For the record, there’s no soap in my hot cocoa.