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Gratitude for Addiction and Little Boobs.

* I take a special delight that this post will pop up when people are searching “Little Boobs”.

When I finished my first 365, I knew I was going to celebrate by purchasing an Epiphanie bag.  It was time to grow up and protect my camera.  The grace of the Camera Gods (and diapers)  had protected my camera for far too long.  Belle showed up and the clouds parted.  She was glorious.  She protected my camera and provided enough space for diapers, sippie cups, toys, extra clothes, all the accessories a Mom lugs around.  She made me feel like a responsible adult who loved her camera.

But my youngest son got older.  Didn’t need diapers.  No more extra clothes.  No more wipes.  He needed less room in my purse.  And the bag got unnecessarily heavy.  The compartments were empty and Belle wasn’t working any longer.  I switched back to my regular purse and lived on the edge once again.  If I went on photoshoots, Belle would be perfect.  Plenty of room for lenses and a flash.  But I don’t go on photoshoots.  I shoot my life.  And my accessories have to reflect that.

365 Round Two was nearing the end.  Once again, I wanted to celebrate with a purse that would protect something so important to my life.  I had two bags in my sights.  I had seen one in action while I was in Philly and I had been eyeing Lyric since it came out.  I could not shake the color.  I’m in a yellow phase and that yellow was my siren.  “Shit.  Which bag?” routinely crossed my mind.  Too many options have never been a good thing for me.

I called my sister because I knew she’d have an answer.  One, she’s my older sister and having answers is why older sisters exist.  Two, she has a problem.  I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn here.  She admits it’s a problem.  Yes, she’s gotten better, but she’s still a sucker for a great bag.  Once she was cleaning out her attic and she found bags inside of bags.  For a little while, I’d say she was addicted to buying purses/bags/slings/hobos/anything with a pocket and handle.  I explained my predicament.  Quickly she gave me a solution.  “I have both.  I bought one and ordered the other one.  Lyric came later because it was back ordered.  It’s a great bag, but I’ve been using the other one.  And I couldn’t return Lyric (she has a problem, people).  Eventually I was going to put it on Ebay.  Why don’t you test it out?  If you love it, pay me.  If not, your problem is solved.”  See?  She always has the answer.

A week later, it came with my son’s birthday gifts.  He opened the box slowly to savor his surprise and I wanted to push him out of the way to get to Lyric.  Underneath some Batman Trio blocks was a beautiful shade of yellow waiting for me.  Remember the glow from the suitcase in Pulp Fiction?  That’s how it felt.  Jill included everything: zipper case, camera charm, and the extra strap.  The back pocket was large enough for my wallet which means I won’t lose it inside the purse.  No more awkwardly digging in through mounds of receipt/tampons/cracker bags trying to find my credit cards while the cashier is annoyed.  The front two pockets would hold my cell phone and iPod which means I won’t miss calls searching for my phone and my kids won’t flip-out for long while I’m getting the iPod.  I’m a Across the Body Bag Gal.  I hate when my purse swings or almost slides off my shoulder.  The perfect purse has to fit across, so the extra strap would come in handy.  And then something magical happened.  Without the extra strap, Lyric fits across even when I’m wearing a winter coat.  It’s lands perfectly on my hip.  I can easily reach for my camera, wallet, cell phone, tampon, cracker bag or toy.  Thank you little boobies for allowing me to finally have the perfect everyday purse.


*I was not paid or compensated for my review of Lyric.  I strongly believe you should share good information.  Buying a purse isn’t cheap or easy.  There’s lots of options and most you have to order online.  However if Epiphane would like for me to test run new models, I would happily oblige.  I could run it through the Throw It Across the Front Seat test.  Or the icky but practical ACK! My Kid Threw Up All Over My Purse test.  Or the ever popular Sorry, Kid That My Bag Hit You in the Head AGAIN test.