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Going Vegan

I haven’t discussed my reasons why I went vegan.  When you do people get very upset.

“Why are you preaching to me about veganism?!”

Ummm.  I’m not.  You asked me why we went plant-based.  I explained. I never said, “It’s the only way.  I said these are the reasons.  Here are some benefits we’ve experienced.”  I never fake puked when I looked at your hamburger.  I never told you how the cow died.  I never explained that your Cage-Free eggs aren’t really cage free (unless you own the chickens). You started spewing facts and then YOU got very angry when I explained why they weren’t factual facts (yup, that’s a phrase.  Much better than ‘fake news’ . So 2017).

Years of hearing grief over breastfeeding/baby food/wearing/weaning/co-sleeping made me realize people just want to do the best for their families.  And when people hear something different, I think they feel judged and so they gear up for a fight.  My husband didn’t deal with early parenting “discussions”, so he’s new to this arena of Arguing Family Choices.  I listen and stay out.  He holds his own…

But let me clear up some myths.

  • It’s not hard.  Especially when you have friends and family who are supportive.  Recipes fly all over the place!
  • It’s not expensive.  We spend much less on food.
  • We’re healthy and our bodies aren’t missing anything.
  • As a vegan you get enough proteins.  Check out the professional athletes who live a plant-based life.
  • Vegans can be unhealthy too.  Choices come with any diet.
  • There are some very big benefits which we’ve experienced.
  • It’s also environmental.  Research that and you might be swayed.
  • My boys eat vegan at home.  My youngest eats vegetarian outside the home.  And my oldest goes back and forth (He’s a teen.  What do you expect?).
  • Yes, I realize bugs might get killed when the tractor plows the field for my veggies.
  • Ok you think it’s funny if woman at Starbucks gives me milk and not soy milk.  That’s an odd thing to be happy about…
  • Yes, I know soy products aren’t fantastic.  Moderation.  You wouldn’t eat a pound of bacon at day either.
  • No, I don’t think I’m being pretentious… (I love this article!)
  • I know your doctor said you need XYZ.  My doctors say you don’t and supports this decision.
  • Of course I miss an over-easy egg on toast!  And yes, that fried chicken smells delicious.
  • No coconut bacon doesn’t taste like bacon.  Cauliflower wings don’t taste like chicken wings either, but they’re pretty fucking good.

There’s plenty of information out there if you’re interested.  Throw a rock at any social media platform, you’ll find something.  Feel free to PM me with any questions.  I’m happy to answer those.  My family really enjoyed this You Tube documentary.  It’s only 45 minutes and doesn’t show any animal cruelty.  There’s so many great vegan chefs that aren’t simply cooking Tofu Steaks.  We eat a variety of different dishes and that includes good ole Comfort food.  The internet makes this switch pretty easy.

I love a good argument, I do.  Just not on this subject.  Instead, I’ll share my favorite ramen recipe!

Go-To Ramen.

Toss the damn seasoning packet and boil your noodles.  Toss in a handful of kale leaves.  Or leave it out.  I don’t really care.  It will still be delicious.

In a separate bowl, combine the following:

  • 1 T. soy sauce
  • 1 1/2 T. of tahini
  • 1 T. chili oil
  • splash of rice wine vinegar
  • 1-2 teaspoons of Gochujang paste (You can find this in the international aisle of the grocery.  Trust me.  Go buy some…)

Mix this all together and add a cup of the noodle’s water or even a cup of hot veggie broth if you’re fancy.  And if I’m getting super fancy, I add sliced green onions and sometimes leftover cubes of tofu.


There you go.  An easy vegan lunch.

You feel fancy…  Don’t you?

Maybe even a little pretentious…?  I won’t tell.