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Glance at age 3.5.

This kid.

He talks nonstop.  He rarely takes a breath.  He has strong opinions and can be very stubborn.  He doesn't like "no".  He's running really fast now.  He says, "Hi" to strangers.  He still parrots his older brother.  He can't wait for his birthday in five months.  You might have to wear a costume.  He pees standing up.  He has peach fuzz on his back.  He holds his hamburger with two hands.  He baby talks and still makes up words.  For time-outs, he won't stay in his bed.  But he will sit in his room with the door open screaming about how he's going to walk out.  He hates to wear anything but underwear after school.  If he sees a monster, he'll punch it in the face.  He argues with Cooper when he's told there aren't monsters.  He says, "Stoy Story" instead of "Toy Story."  He has to wear his wristband most days.  He still gets out of bed until about 9:30 p.m. for drinks, new pjs, bathroom, and to be covered up.  If you correct his English, he tells you're wrong and his word is correct.  His hair is back to glorious mode.  He told me that he likes rock music because he loves to rock out.  Adele is consider Rock music these days.  Yesterday, he said "Hey Momma?  How are you?"  He's a three years-old.  And I love this age. 

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