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Give Me A Reason

I’m not in a bad mood, I’m just easily irritated these days.  That sounds impossible, right?  But it’s true.  I’m happy at work.  Family is good.  I’ve seen a handful of friends on a regular basis.  Photography is churning out and school activities are at a minimum.  I’ve even finished a book.  One without pictures, Folks!  I’m in a good place.

But I’m just bubbling with an excuse to scream, “GO FUCK YOUR SELF!” to the next person who gives me a cross look.

Here’s a list of things that seem tiny, but are actually so grating to me:

  • Work emails that say, “We need to discuss this tomorrow.”
  • Oval toilet paper rolls in a public bathroom.
  • Any song with a beep or twinkle that sounds like my cell phone’s ring or text.
  • The 4 a.m. clockwork stroll my dog takes and then her slump back to her snoring slumber.
  • I can’t seem to finish binding a quilt.  Plus it’s a baby one!  That should have been finished the first day!
  • My youngest’s front tooth which refuses to fall out.  Can’t some kid hit him in the mouth?  Fine, nudge him.
  • The fact that Joan Rivers died.
  • The chick on American Pickers.
  • The joke bug that I constantly mistake for a real bug EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  • The bag of tiny lemons I purchased only to find 4 of them were rotten.
  • The fruit flies because of said lemons.
  • I forgot cereal at the store.  Again.
  • My inability to realize that it’s still summer and jeans are way too hot for 90 degrees and thick humidity.
  • I should be making pizza dough instead of writing a blog post about how I’m irritated.  No dinner will royally irritate the shit out of me and the entire family.
  • My slow ass laptop.
  • Anyone on West Coast time.
  • In the Black Widow song, is sounds like Iggy says “mess with me heartache.”  It’s “mess with me, honey.” Erika, get it straight Dum Dum.
  • No one has given me a cross look so I could scream, “GO FUCK YOURSELF.”

That felt good…  I might be able to handle one snarky look.  Feel free to leave your irritants at my door step.


I’m calling this week.  Screw it.  I’m done.




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