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Girl Number Three

I’m always so afraid that maybe I’ve written everything I can possibly say about birth: the Mom was amazing, the Dad was supportive, the siblings glowed.  But every time I sit down to type, I’m reminded of why I shoot births: every single birth has its own story.  The players and the outcome are similar, but each has a unique voice.

Susan and Steve’s story was one of community and smiles that radiated the day.  The room was filled with flags made special for this baby.  Friends were in and out to help with their daughters.  Friends rode their bikes as fast as possible to make sure they were able to tape the birth.  Friends stopped in for a laugh and hug.  And everyone was smiling.

At one point, Amy from Choice told Steve, “This baby is going to be here in about two minutes.”  I looked over at Susan who was still smiling and talking.  I thought “Amy’s crazy…”  But she’s always right.  Susan found the “pushing song” on the iPod and a few minutes later Steve pulled his third daughter from the water and placed her on Susan’s chest.  She was surrounded by her parents and her elated big sister.  Exactly as it should be.

I stepped outside about 15 minutes later and some neighbors starting walking over, “We heard there’s a baby!  Can we come up?”  Neighbors and friends congratulated and got to meet the newest Girl to the clan.  And from that point on the room was packed with bodies and filled with love and smiles.

Sweet Little One,

You are so lucky.  Your Momma was fierce during labor and delivery.  She will support you with this fierceness and I’m guessing you’ll inherit it.  Cherish that and use it all your life.  Your sisters were patiently waiting on you and once you arrived they could get enough of you.  And you see that smile your Poppa flashes you?  You were born under that smile and I’m guessing that’s a true good luck symbol.  A community of friends were waiting to shower you with love.  I’ve got a good feeling that you will be supported and loved by a gaggle of really good folks.  And one day in November I got to be apart of them.  Welcome to the world Baby Girl. **






meetBaby20141111-_ELR709520141111-_ELR7101** Psst…  The world is full of nice white sandy beaches.  Ask your parents to take you to one.  I think we all expect a picture.

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