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Get Yours and Help Others


You’ve been in this tricky position.  I know it.  You’re warming up some soup in the microwave.  The bowl is supposed to be microwave safe, but you know it’s a lie…  But still!  Still?!  You reach to grab your soup and immediately burn your fingers.  Now a Smart Adult would leave the bowl and wait.  But you’re smarter than the average adult.  You’ve got this…

You start the dangerous maneuver of trying to get the scorching hot bowl out of the microwave.  You grab the very top 1/4 inch of the bowl and quickly move to the counter saying, “Hot. Hot.  Hot.  Hot.  Hot.”  You plop it down, fingers on fire, and a smug smile that you didn’t drop it.  But then you realize that you’re an adult and you shouldn’t do that again.

I’ll fix that for you…  I’ll help you become an full-fledged mature adult with fingers intact.  The Microwave Bowl Holder.  Place your bowl of soup in this cozy contraption and begin to warm up your soup.

Could it get any better?!  YES!!

All proceeds will go to a Us Together, Inc.  They work to support and resettle refugees and immigrants.

Save your fingers.  Help some people.  It’s really that easy.

If you’re local,  it’s only $8.  But if I need to ship your order, each will cost $10.

Paypal to  Please send it as a gift and we’ll be able to give more to US Together, Inc.  Include how many and your shipping address.

We’re getting pretty close to the holidays, so while I’d like to guarantee shipping before Christmas…  I’m not sure if that’s possible.  So let’s say I’ll try really hard.