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Game Night Avoids the Wondering

We’re waiting for some house news.  So last night, we took our minds off the Sellers by having a game night.  We’ve let the boys play lots of video games lately. iPods while we search for house.  Video games while we online surf and discuss possible scenarios.  Last night, college football was done and we went deep into our game closet.  Mark really wanted to play Monopoly, but I know better.  My kids are way too young for my style of play.  And I’d hate for them to try parental emancipation at four and seven.  I’m not a good Monopoly player.  I like to win at all cost.  So I pushed past the classic and went for our current favorite: Enchanted Forest.  Aunt Bridget got it for the boys because her kids love it.  In our house, I’m not sure who loves it more: Daddy or the boys.  Becks was going to “kick it all over it’s butts.”  He didn’t, but tried.  Mark won.