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February 10 :: 10

Here’s a little fact I’ve left off the blog: we’ve got a buyer for our old house!  I didn’t want to jinx it, and then things went wonky.  We were lucky to get some extra drama with the Sale.  We’re still heading towards a closing date which is exciting, but my fingers stay crossed all day long.  Taking pictures was just One-More-Thing I had to do.  In order to get my 10 on 10 out-of-the-way, I had to make it as easy as possible this month.  I’ve got 10 still life photos.  Except for a blurry Charlie, nothings lives in the following photos.  I couldn’t handle wrangling any extra life this month, sorry.  Next month I’ll bring the living.  Promise.  Until then enjoy our Superbowl Sunday minus the humans.

Go over to DeAnna’s.  I just know she’s packed her 10 on 10 full of life!

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