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Fall Can Begin

It’s year 12 (or so we believe) of our annual camping trip.  This year was different from the rest.

  • Sadly, it was much smaller group.
  • I might be biased but we had one of the most delicious beer creations.
  • The days were much cooler.
  • No Porta Potty made for a difficult weekend.
  • We did family-style dinner on Friday night.
  • We had a sweet stove set-up.
  • T. Swift came to party.
  • Bloody Mary mix plus spicy vodka is a great idea.
  • It was the year of the caterpillar and not spiders.
  • It didn’t rain for 13 hours.
  • I took the least amount of pictures in my Slaybor Day history.
  • There was no cornhole tournament.
  • No Buckeye game at the Ballroom
  • We made it to the river and no one fell out of a canoe.
  • Someone did fall thigh deep into a pit of mud.
  • There was a marathon Cards Against Humanity game.

With a year of massive Changes almost behind me, I have no issue with these.  They were necessary and tiny.  What never changes?

Three days and nights filled with friends, drinks, laughs, snarky fights, good food, conversation, no kids, and love is the only way to start Fall.