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End of Summer 2014

Technically Summer ends with Labor day.  But once School starts, I think Summer has kissed us all good-bye.

See ya Summer 2014.  You’re never my favorite season.  I tolerate you because I have no choice.  To make it worse, you and I got off to a rocky start with a job change.  But listen…  You were kind to me and loved me by not sending a heatwave.

The first half of Summer disappeared so quickly it didn’t even leave a mosquito bite.  The second half was full and successful.    We saw family, friends, and even a campsite.

But you’re gone.  It’s time to bear hug Fall.  Fall is my crush and I can’t wait to flirt with him.  This weekend, I’m going to romance the shit out of him.  He will love me.



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  • Anonymous - Erika, I love your pictures. They provoke a stream of thoughts as I view them. And..your boys are very handsome little guys. Their eyes are so expressive.August 28, 2014 – 9:14 amReplyCancel

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