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Early Christmas 2012

I consider myself very fortunate that I get to celebrate Christmas twice.  Some families won’t travel on Christmas and some families live so far they can’t celebrate with all members.  I’m lucky that my in-laws live about 2.5 hours north of us and my parents live about an hour.  A long time ago, we agreed to a schedule: one year at each parents’ and a year at home.  This three-year-cycle has been working pretty well so far.

For me, this is the best way to maximize Christmas.  I’m not in the car on big days and my family really puts on a full-Christmas celebration even if it’s a week away.  Usually there’s a good span between our first Christmas and the actual Christmas.  This year felt like it was smooshed together.  We were bear-hugging with the holiday.  During the drive up to Grandma’s on Friday, Becks was confused about when Santa was coming.  We explained it wasn’t quite Christmas and he asked what we were going to do on “Early Christmas.”  He had finally named our holiday.  We were going to do Early Christmas as close to Christmas as possible.  And we did.  We ate, laughed, ripped open presents, drank, played games, and laughed some more.

Scroll down for a little video of our Early Christmas.

Early Christmas 2012 from Erika Ray on Vimeo.

*Whenever I shoot a family event, I’m take a dip in the Guilt pool.  It’s probably a reason, I’m not a good photographer on photo-worthy days.  I hate when I don’t get everyone.  Apologies.


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