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My births have all been between a Mom and a Dad.  Sometimes there’s a sibling.  Sometimes there’s a lot of siblings.  Most have been at home, but some are in a hospital.  Minor differences… But it’s always filled with joy and love when the baby is placed in the arms of the family.

My last birth was different.  There was a Dad, an Aunt and a surrogate.  Yes, it was pretty different from my other births.  But it was also very similar because it ended just like my others birth.  It ended with love and joy.

David always wanted a family, so he found a surrogate.  She reached out to me to about possibly documenting the birth and passed along my information to David.  His email confirming the photography is still my sweetest “Yes” I’ve ever received.  He said it was going to be a dream to finally be with his children and he’d love the day documented.

I arrived at the hospital and Holly was in labor.  The twins would be delivered in an OR in case a c-section was necessary.  After a few hours, she was ready and the OB allowed myself and one support person to be with her and David.  A few minutes later Holly delivered David’s daughter.  David’s son was breech and pretty feisty.  A c-section became necessary. Because she did a unmedicated birth, Holly was put under and no one could be there when David’s son was born.  David went to the nursery to be with his daughter without his son.  He was still waiting for his family to be complete.  About thirty minutes later, his son arrived and David was given a room to bond with is family.

When he finally held his children, the room filled with so much emotion.  That tiny hospital room was crammed full of love and family in the deepest and most sacred way. His babies were finally in his arms.  He was holding his Dream: a healthy 14 pounds and tons of dark hair Dream.  Watching him whisper loving words into tiny ears, feeling each finger, and breathing in the scent of his babies is something I will never forget.  Sure the way he became a father isn’t necessarily typical.  But it’s also very typical because it started with a dream created by love.

And that’s the greatest kind of dream.







Congrats, David.  Your family is stunning.

Hey, Little Ones.  You’re so lucky to have your Poppa.  You’ve been loved forever.  And that’s the recipe for a good life.  Congrats.

Congrats, Holly.  You nourished, protected and fearlessly labored and delivered two beautiful babies.