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Dismiss Me, Please

I was going to write about the dismissive articles for International Women’s Day.  I was going to write about how the ones shared and/or written by women were particularly hurtful.

But you know what?

I’m used to it.

We’re used to it.

Women are dismissed because their boobs are too large or too small.  Women are dismissed by their clothing choices.  Women are dismissed because it’s “their time of the month”.  Women are dismissed because their thighs touch.  Women are dismissed because their ribs show.  Women are dismissed because they had a c-section.  Women are dismissed because they don’t have kids.  Women are dismissed because they have too many kids.  Women are dismissed because they’re too emotional.  Women are dismissed if they don’t smile.  Women are dismissed if they have too much.  Women are dismissed if they can’t pay the bills.  Women are dismissed because we have different health issues.

Women are dismissed every single day.  So yeah…  I’m used to being dismissed.

But that’s what the March, Day With No Women, rallies, protests, every call, email and postcard is about.

More women are realizing their dismissal and that scares the hell out of people.

Women are demanding equality.

To say women are equal now is the ultimate dismissal of facts.


I want true equality.

I will not be dismissed.

We will not be dismissed.

That shouldn’t be scary.  But if it sounds scary to you…?

I don’t give a shit.