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Day Number Three

I first met Liv and Julie last summer.  I was able to spend a two beautiful days with them.  Both days were intense and incredibly joyous.  So when Liv reached out to discuss photographing their wedding, I did not say NO right away.  I asked if I could take some time with it.  See, weddings aren’t my thing.  I like contractions, vernix, and a squishy newborn.

A couple months later, we met at a local restaurant.  She discussed that they had a commitment ceremony years ago with a Shot List and they did NOT want another shot list.  She said, “Just show us the day.  Exactly like you did in the summer.  No pressure.”  She bought me a drink and I said, “Yes.”  I’m easy, Folks.

One day this Spring, I was able to show them another day.  It was a small wedding which made it more personal.  Friends and family all helped the decorate the space with unique Couple details. Their children led the procession and Liv surprised Julie with a bagpiper as a nod to her family.  Family and close friends gave speeches that left many crying.  When their children spoke and the women gave their vows, love was flowing out of the tiny space.  It could not be contained any longer.  Surrounded by their closest family and friends, Julie and Liv said “I do” again, but his time it was legal.

They asked me to show them another day.  By allowing me to photograph these three days, they’ve shown me so much more.  They’ve shown me how people respond when you love them deeply.  They’ve shown me the strength of love.  They’ve shown me selfless actions being done for love.  Each time is was easy to show them this love because you couldn’t escape it.  I hope when they look back on their photos, they will remember each day was packed full of the most powerful love.