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Dammit. This One Will Crush My Heart

Moms know this fact more than any other human: time moves faster when you change your title to those three little letters.  Sure there are days that seem to last forever, but for the most part you constantly ask yourself, “How did one year go by so quickly?”  or “How did he start Kindergarten?  Wasn’t I just burping him?”

As a Photographer, your job is to stop life and document it.  Your past constantly lives in your photos.  They prove the quickness and beauty of life.  Most obsess over this hobby because time is fleeting and it celebrates the constant change.

Mom + Photography is simply a match in heaven.  We get to relish in the the details of our past.

It allows us to romanticize the details.  Remember the cute cloth diapers?  Those itty bitty socks that never stayed on?  I doubt those nuggets will make me tear up in a couple decades.  I won’t sob when I see sippy cups.  I might let out an “AAWWW…” but I won’t stop for long.

But any photo with Owl or Train Blankie?

Hell yes.  Those photos will make me beg for a Time Machine.  I will trace those photos’ edges longing to feel that fleece.  Praying that my kids remember the comfort they gain by a simple square.  Or maybe the superhero strength they possessed the second it was secured to their neck.

But I’m a silly Girl, I know this isn’t true.  They won’t.  Their Life changes faster than we admit.  Coop’s Train Blankie was sacred and untouchable.  And in less than two quick years, he mocks Beck’s Owl Blankie love.

But I’m a Mom and I can’t forget love.  Those photos will bring me to my knees.

And here’s a guilty moment that I have yet to experience…  But I don’t mind telling you, because I bet you’ll have your own moment too.  Years from now I’ll see those blankies and I’ll bury myself in their comfort.





  • xanthe - Yes yes yes!

    Spot on Ms E.

    Glad your words and images are flowing again. I’ve missed ya.
    xxxApril 24, 2014 – 11:48 amReplyCancel

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