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Christmas Eve Checklist

Christmas Eve Checklist:

  • Christmas cookie day tradition.  Done.
  • Gifts purchased.  (Mark deserves this credit.)  Done.
  • Fresh new haircuts.  Done.
  • Christmas lights seen from car windows.  No seat belts and huddled together with pals (Neighbors deserve this credit). Done.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner planned, shopped, and ready for the oven. Done.
  • Cream cheese softening on the counter for Grandma’s spinach rolls. Done.
  • Holiday break craft chosen and started.  Done.
  • Daddy/Sons Christmas Eve movie planned.  Done.
  • Beers chilling in the fridge and wrapping paper on stand-by.  Done.
  • Fingers crossed my birth waits until after presents are opened (But listen… A Christmas Eve/Christmas baby might give me my badge as birth worker).  Done.
  • Christmas jitters and excitement levels on high.  Done.

I hope your Christmas Eve Checklist is full of Done‘s and you can just relax, eat, drink, reminisce and laugh with loved ones.