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Camping with Boys Might Be More About Attitude.

Put a bunch of boys in the woods and their attitude pops out.  More wrestling.  More guns sounds.  Less listening.  More sauce.  Nature flips them around.  It undoes the little bit of civility we worked hard to create.  Honestly, 80% of it might be the late nights and the hot sun.  But there’s something about getting back to basics that brings out their gritty basics…  My boys never like having their photos taken if I ask for it.  There’s tons of bribery.  Tons of whining on my part.  But the light was yummy and the trip was ending.  So I asked them to run in the road.  That little bit of naughtiness pulled out more attitude and it is what it is.

The campfire smell is all washed out.  The dirt is scrubbed away.  We’ve had a lengthy discussion about proper listening and why back-talk isn’t good.  Camping photos have been edited and our schedules have resumed.

But our skin is a little sun burnt, our bug bites still itch, and little green Army men litter the floors.  This weekend we got tattooed by Summer.