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Camping Days 1-3

For the past 12 years, we’ve been camping with a group of friends every Labor Day.  Once kids started to pop out, we made a No Kids Rule.  We selfishly wanted our time and have stuck to it.  But camping with kids is insanely fun.  We’ve done it in the past and really wanted to camp with our friends and their kids.  This year we got to do it and declared that the second weekend in June would be the Kids Camp-fest.  Here’s some pictures from our weekend Dippy stlye.  Fine.  Mostly dippy’d.

Day 1: Sardined in the car:: first scrapes :: tent up and activity books yanked out of the goodie bag :: fire started :: “No Adults” clubhouse started :: late night flash games created

Day 2: Special breakfast of tiny boxes of sugary cereals :: army men :: Silas gets comfortable :: naps at the beach :: dirty faces become the norm :: a girl enters the All-Boy clan :: running in the streets :: UNO learned and played :: glow stick camp rave ::

Day 3: backward shorts :: more beach time


Not pictured:  campfire coffee :: electric griddle bacon :: a small boy peeing straight into the pond (I didn’t realize I had to tell him to wade in.  yes, I let my kids pee in the pond…) :: a beautifully shaded campsite :: vintage sheet quilt being finished :: Silas crawling through the mulch ::

I understand people might worry about camping with kids.  It’s hot.  There’s not one screen around the entire site.  The bathroom/shower situation is sketchy.  Bugs.  The fire pit is always a dangerous situation.  But throw those worries out and find a campsite.  Get outside and back to basics.  Everything else will wait.