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Brothers 7

I can’t really tell you when Coop started loving Becks.  I know for sure it wasn’t when we brought him home.  He didn’t try to move out or hurt Becks, he just didn’t care.  He was Meh about Becks for a very long time.  And could you blame him?  Hell, I wasn’t over-the-moon yet.  He just continued to live his life as if it wasn’t interrupted by the crying or poopy diapers.  He did a fantastic job ignoring the Newborn in the Room.  He was masterful at it.

Eventually, he fell in love and began to treat him as a brother.  But I can’t tell you the age.  I couldn’t even guess.  And it doesn’t matter, does it?  It matters that he loves him now.

But I’m guessing there will come a time when he’s annoyed with his little brother.  There will be an age where the three-year age difference is as wide as a Canyon.  I haven’t seen it or even caught a glimpse of a crack, but it’s coming.   Coop had a friend over Friday night and never once complained about Becks hanging out.  They never pushed him out of the room or fought with him.  When it was time for bed, I made Becks leave.  And that’s when the sobbing started.  It was heart-breaking, but I truly believe it’s important for the boys to have alone time with their friends.  And Friday night, it was Becks turn to get booted.  Truth be told, Becks will probably always be the one getting booted.  If Becks had a friend over, he would have begged Coop to stay.  Becks is the younger brother and he’ll spend more time chasing after his big brother’s approval.  It’s a fact that comes with Pro’s and Con’s for both boys.

One day when we’re facing the edge of that Canyon, I don’t want to be there long.  I’m hoping we find the bridge back to Brotherhood quickly without too many bumps.  It’s my job to help them find their path in life: alone and also as a unit.  But until that day, I’m grateful they love each other as fiercely as they do right now.