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Brothers 6

This isn’t so specific to boys, but more specific to same sex siblings.

I’m awful at combing through their drawers.  The first dusting of snow hits the sidewalk and one of them is walking to school in shorts.  A couple of weeks ago, I asked Coop to wear a non-logo shirt so I could use the photos for stock.  He comes down and donning a belly shirt.  If I ever send the kids to my parents during a season change, they always come home with new long or short socks/sleeveless t-shirts (I loathe these)/proper fitting undershirts/seasonal pj’s.  I’m just bad at staying on top of swapping and tossing clothes.

But one set of drawers is always full (albeit with a mix of seasons’ clothing): Becks.  He’s the second.  The King of Hand-Me-Downs.  He’s “blessed” with options.  Coop?  Sorry, kid.  I’ll start shopping soon.

boys shirts