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Brothers 5

It takes one study for me to find a particular behavior acceptable.  I read once that wrestling for boys wasn’t a bad thing.

“It’s how boys show love.” some fancy schmancy PhD.

I kind of needed a study.  I didn’t get the wrestling.  See, girls don’t really wrestle with their sisters.  Not for fun anyways.  And please don’t blow up my comments with : I always wrestled with my sister.  My daughter loves to wrestle with her Daddy.  etc…  This isn’t a Girls CAN’T wrestle argument.  But for the most part, we don’t.  We do if we’re angry or pissed.  But for fun and on a regular basis?  Not really.  Sure.  Some might.  But for the most part it’s a gender thing.

So when the boys first started wrestling, it was so foreign to me.  “What if they get hurt?”  “OH MY that looks awful!”  “STOP IT!” ran through my head and occasionally screaming out of my mouth.  My husband is one of three boys and this was clearly his area of expertise.  “Let ’em go, Erika.  This is how boys play.  See?  No one is crying.  No one is hurt.  It’s what brothers do.”  He also initiates tons of wrestling with the boys, our pictures frame are always on the verge of falling over…

His words of Boy-dom and a couple of paragraphs from a book about boys is all it took for me to step aside.

If I’m being real honest, I didn’t really need the study.  It was evident in the ways they moved.  Coop always controlled at half strength.  Becks was always smiling.  It was almost an excuse to hug each other.  Yes, one day they will wrestle when it isn’t for fun.  I get it.  But I don’t think Play wrestling is the gateway wrestling for Angry Wrestling.    Right now they just love and need to wrestle.  And I don’t give a shit any longer.

Go at it boys.



  • melissa weicker - just read a few of your posts (or, more like, i’ve been here for 30+ mins. i’m still in my pajamas, and yup, i’m putting off making dinner). your words and pictures are a breath of fresh air. seriously. i relate. oh, and my hubs and his brothers still wrestle like this…and they’re GROWN ASS MEN. November 11, 2014 – 8:06 pmReplyCancel

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