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Brothers 1

I’m  a project based gal.  They keep me sane and grounded.  I think I succeed at 365s and One Second Everyday projects because it’s a daily habit.  I’m truly lazy and forcing myself to do something daily pushes me to actually finish something.  52 Week Projects?  Nope.  Can’t. Do. Them.  Once a week isn’t enough for me to create a habit.  Week 3 I’ve forgotten and then what’s the point?

But I’m not ready to start another daily photo project.  One Second is easy for me.  I’m not as hard on myself.  But another 365 is something I’m not ready for.  So I’m going to attempt a weekly summer project.

Summer is carefree.  The light lingers into the evening.  We’re less strict and a little more fun.  It’s the perfect time for a lazy project.  And if I quit this one, I’ll be left with a couple decent photos.

The Summer of Brothers.

Once a week I want to capture their relationship in this Boy Stage.  Siblings are a magical beast.  You love them.  Sometimes you dislike them.  I have 3 siblings and I need them like I need my eyes, lungs, and heart.  I pray and hope my boys grow up and feel the exact same way.

Once a week, I’ll give you the relationship of brothers as I get to see it.

Week One.

I forced them for pictures after the haircut.  Coop’s easy.  He knows after a few good pictures I’m satisfied.  Becks is genetically stubborn.  Coop begged Becks, “We can go back to TV as soon as she’s done.  Sit and look at the camera!”  I don’t ask them to hug any longer.  Asking makes it fake and I think you can always tell when a Ma has said, “HUG your brother!!”

Coop does it to get a rise out of Becks.

And Becks responded by licking him.




  • Kristin White - Seriously love this!! Love the series idea too. My boys are almost 4 and almost 2, so right now we just have copycats… But I can already see their relationship growing. Can’t wait to see this series unfold.May 27, 2014 – 2:24 pmReplyCancel

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