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One Friday Morning.

Erin emailed me about two weeks prior to her due date.  She had bookmarked my first birth and was ready to talk details.  She and her husband had some reservations about having a photographer attend their second homebirth.  I sympathized with their concerns, but obviously I’m pro-birth photography so I made my case.  I said I’d try really hard to stay out-of-the-way and just observe.  About a week before her due date, I got the “Let’s Do This” email.

I’m so fortunate that I was able to attend Harris’ birth.  I hope that when they look at their birth photos they see the same thing I saw that Friday morning.  A family surrounded by women who wanted the best for the entire family.  I hope they remember the love that simmered and grew with each moment until Harris was born.  I want them to remember August’s excitement when he saw Harris for the first time.  I hope Erin remembers how supportive and helpful Ben was during her labor and delivery.  One day when flipping through the photos, Erin and Ben will remember that August read Harris his first book about Trucks.  The photos will help remind them how tenderly the midwives took care of the entire family.  And I really hope Erin remembers how strong and beautiful she was the day she became a mother to boys.
Thank you, Erin, Ben, August, Harris and the midwives of Choice.  I was honored to be at your birth.

I’ve got one more birth post for you later this week, pop back over.  
I warned you I pro-birth photography.  I’m making my case one more time.
  • Carolina Weick - Thoroughly fascinating and wonder-full! Especially over coffee.August 20, 2012 – 10:21 amReplyCancel

  • Suzanne - perfect! love them all.August 20, 2012 – 11:26 amReplyCancel

  • Katie - Oh my goodness, what a wonderfully chunky little babe! That first one of his juicy little shoulder—oh my goodness! Wonderful memories here!August 21, 2012 – 2:57 pmReplyCancel

  • Keri - This is awesome Erika. Love birth photography. Love love love. In my head I think I might be a good birth photographer. :)August 10, 2013 – 1:32 pmReplyCancel

  • Staci Lee - These are beautiful. What a gift!August 10, 2013 – 1:41 pmReplyCancel

  • mary - oh e, these are so perfect. the one of the baby in the water…gasp! i love the words you said at the beginning. what wonderful moments to remember forever. bravo, my friend. congratulations to the beautiful family.August 10, 2013 – 7:09 pmReplyCancel

  • Jodi Kushins - So beautiful. Almost makes me wish I could go back and do it all again. Almost.August 10, 2016 – 5:59 pmReplyCancel

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