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Best of 2013

I’m a sucker for Best Of lists and this week is their moment.  I’ll be so bold as to say this is my favorite “holiday”.  The book lists act as my own personal librarian.  The music lists will get filtered through until I find a few things to fit my groove.  I pretend like I’ll watch the movies, but I rarely do.  I could watch any countdown for a long stretch.  We watched E :60 for so long on Christmas Eve that I was out of tears and really felt like the world was full of miracles.  I don’t make a point to watch Talk Soup because every year I get to see the Best of the best.  Have you seen FB’s and IG’s compilations?!  Best Of’s are the Cliff Notes of Media and I’ll read them all.

Everyone deserves a Best Of, don ‘t you think?  And after scrolling through the year’s past blog posts, I’m convinced the Shit Years deserve a Best Of List more than the Good years.  Proves you made it out a better person than when you forced into the Shit.  Here are my highlights that made 2013 one of my favorite years.

  • I met a few strangers who kind of said, “You’ll probably see my boobs.  You’ll probably see my Lady Bits and you’ll absolutely see me in pain, but I don’t give a shit.  Be at my birth.”
  • My baby started Kindergarten and did it without a blip.  I hugged him and he said, “It’s time to go.”  And it was.
  • We planted a stolen tree from Johnny Cash’s estate.
  • I spent time with this new family.
  • I’m an independent person and pre-2013 I didn’t need a bunch of help.  But this year, I happily took it.  A handful of people asked if I was doing ok and offered helped.  A few people said, “I’ve got your back.”   A couple did what they could to get me back on track.  And one person picked me up off the kitchen floor and said, “Let me handle things.”  2013 had plenty moments where our family had a safety net of caring hands and I vow to repay the favor.
  • I know almost every lyric to “Holy Grail” and “Just Give Me a Reason”.  And I believe my car-performance to both these songs is almost as good as the original artists…
  • My work was introduced to a new crowd: Clickin Moms.  I realized from the very beginning that I wasn’t their norm and at first I freaked out: What would I share and how would it be received?  But after a few gentle reminders to be myself, I was ready to say “Hi, Clickin Moms, I’m Erika.”  I jumped and was 100% pleased with the outcome.  I got a nice paycheck, met some fabulous photographers, had a few doors open, and read beautiful emails about how women decided to shoot honestly.
  • I discovered the joy of making my own freezer burritos.  After a long day at work or after a few beers, these are better than the greatest steak.
  • I made new friends thanks to being in an Office.  New friends are always a highlight
  • I hung out with a few friends I met because of the Internet.  And every time I do it’s a good reminder that connection is key.  We’re more alike than different and we all just want the best for our loved ones.  If you have a chance to meet your online friend, do it.
  • I kept pushing through on my 365, but I also started a One Second project.  People, pick up your phones and start one-seconding your lives.  And share it with me.  I’m nosy.
  • I didn’t run away.

I went into 2013 thinking it was going to be a year full of badass moments.  I had no clue how badass.  But we did the only thing we knew how to do: we kept moving and watched life work out.  It’s a funny and beautiful thing to watch unfold.

I think we all deserve a Best Of list.