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…I’m a creature of habit.

…I’ve got nothing to lose.

…even if I don’t make it through all 365 days, I’ll still have some pretty good photos of my life.

…I need to fill my stock photography portfolio.

…I got tired of not taking photos.

…I’m good at these projects.

… I’ve got issues.

…I’m afraid I’ll stop needing photography.

…I’ve lost my timing already and I want it back.

…I miss this place and a 365 makes me show up.

… I know myself.

…I value creativity, but I need to cultivate it every day.

… I’m an idiot.

…time has a funny way of speeding by.

…I’m bored.

… really?  Why not?  dayone

Why the fuck not?

  • Suki - Let’s become accountability partners? Will you drag me through a year?September 22, 2015 – 1:59 pmReplyCancel

    • erika - Come on! You can do it! Pick up your camera and start snapping.September 24, 2015 – 9:16 amReplyCancel

  • Lashawn - Yaaaay! Maybe you will motivate me to pick up my real camera Instead of just my phoneSeptember 22, 2015 – 3:25 pmReplyCancel

    • erika - I got a little excited when I read the reviews for the new iPhone. I need an upgrade and might MIGHT rely on it if I miss some days… Might. :)September 24, 2015 – 9:17 amReplyCancel

  • Heather Burrell - Oh Erika, how I could have written this very post.September 22, 2015 – 11:54 pmReplyCancel

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