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Bandwagon Effect

I’m easily swayed.

That’s not really true. I’m easily obsessed.  So pair that with being bored (yes Ma, I said I’m BORED.  Sorry…) and you’ve got a potential slew of nonsense spouting from my mouth.

Sometimes I look in my FB or Twitter feed and notice the entire world is on to something.  I start to think that I’m clearly missing something huge.  So I click some links.  Ponder the better points.   And then maybe, just maybe I am hooked.

No, I’m not running.  I can’t bring myself to swish oil for 20 minutes.  I should be able to use this new job for fun things like watching USA on Thursday, right?!  And the last one?  Oh I’ll jump on that bandwagon with both feet smoking.

Plus it gives me another week to accept and approve of the boredom.


And psst…  I’m also incredibly lazy.