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Bad Words Slip Out

I don’t mind cussing, but you knew that didn’t you?   But I don’t cuss in front of my children.  Yes, they’ve heard bad words.  It happens.  But they know the ones they can’t use.  Or so I thought…

On Friday, I wanted a photo of my boys with my Mom.  I warned Coop on the drive over.  He’s old enough that you can squeeze one picture out but he needs a Heads-Up.  I waited until right before the photo to warn Becks.  He can be the wild card of the picture taking event.  Even with the warnings, both boys weren’t cooperating.  I gave Coop a look and tried to figure out a way to get Becks to do what I wanted.  “Whisper something to Mimi,” I said to him.  Becks likes to do the fake whisper thing and I figured as soon as Mimi laughed at his “whisper”, I’d get a picture.

Becks leans in and whispers, “Fuck”.  Yep, fuck.  And if you have children or have ever been around children, you already know that “whisper” is a laughable description for a kid’s whisper.  Coop heard it the first time.  I heard it but didn’t believe it.  Mimi flat out didn’t hear it.  So she asked again.  And then a third time probably for confirmation.  “Fuck.”  “Fuck.”  fuck…  He didn’t understand that it was a bad word.  But there it was, “fuck”.

What did I learn on Friday?

  • I shouldn’t assume my kids know a bad word is actually a bad word.
  • I should stick to my strengths and never ask my kids to pose for a picture.
  • I took a photo that we’ll talk about when the boys are teenagers as the Day Becks Said Fuck to Mimi.

It happens.  I’m not worried it about.  No, I don’t want my 4 year-old talking like a Trucker.  But I also don’t think he’ll grow up to be a scourge on society.  It’s one of those things kids do: testing.  He tested out his vocabulary and I had to explain that’s an adult word.  On Friday an everyday parenting experience was captured with my camera: the slip, my oldest’s reaction, my youngest learning a lesson.  Life.