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Baby’s First Gift

From the second she said, “Yes” I knew I had to make Jill’s birth.  I needed to be at a Midwife’s birth.  I needed to see how these women took care of their Own.  I had to witness that kind of support because I knew it would be magical.

I love being right.

The entire house buzzed with love.  I don’t say this lightly.  I swear to you it vibrated with emotion, but also felt completely normal for the old farmhouse.  The birth pool was sitting in the large living room and it was bathed in afternoon light (a plus that isn’t common in my birth experiences).  Rex was rubbing Jill’s lower back and their daughter was playing with the dog.  Her son moved in and out of the room quietly to not disturb the moment.  Amy and Nina were sitting near by joking, laughing, and keeping an eye on her stats.  Grateful Dead and farm noises were the soundtrack of this birth.  And Jill moved through the contractions with an ease and grace that was so powerfully feminine you just want to bottle it.

With this birth, I had a much harder time knowing when The Moment was about to occur.  But there were signs.  Midwives sleeves started to roll higher.  The room began to fill with family and friends.  Jill’s tone became slightly more passionate.  Amy and Nina doled out their signature brand of encouragement.  And all of a sudden Jill was finally on the other side of the birth pool.  The only way out was to have her baby.

Oh sweet Baby, you’ll hear the story of your birth every single year.  I already know what your highlights will be.  I can hear Jill and Rex laughing and rehashing certain points.  As an outsider, I saw the first gift you were given: unflinching love.  You were born to a room filled with so much love these words are disgustingly weak.  I’ve never seen so many happy tears carefully wiped away.  Family and friends were waiting to finally deliver their love to you earthside.  That love is part of your story.  You’ll never be able to lose this gift.  It’s yours to lean on and embrace your entire life.  It will hold you up when you’re weak and it celebrate with you when you’re strong.  Congrats, Little One.  You hit the mother lode of Love and I’m proud that I was able to witness it.20140503-_ELR149620140503-_ELR153820140503-_ELR154420140503-_ELR155220140503-_ELR159920140503-_ELR160420140503-_ELR160820140503-_ELR163020140503-_ELR168220140503-_ELR169920140503-_ELR170520140503-_ELR172420140503-_ELR176120140503-_ELR183720140503-_ELR190420140503-_ELR192120140503-_ELR191820140503-_ELR1940

  • Kim - So very beautiful❤️ the story is oh so perfect, just like the beautiful gift of love.May 19, 2014 – 10:27 pmReplyCancel

  • Violet Kawalec - Beautiful baby, ! Amazing family, amazing story and fantastic photos . Thank you for sharing! Many more happy moments!May 20, 2014 – 1:19 amReplyCancel

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