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A Year of Seconds

You don’t think a second is long enough to capture life.  Try it:

One Mississippi.

What happened?  Nothing big.  You held your breath.  The dog’s tail wagged.  Someone screamed, but even the yell lasted longer than a second.  Nothing worthy.

Last year, I would have agreed.  Made some pithy comment about how a second was shitty and really life needed at least three seconds to blossom.  I would have backed it up with some silly research I read once somewhere a long time ago.

But yet again…  I’m wrong.  Dead wrong.

One second is plenty of time to showcase life.  In one second you can capture:

  • Pool hijinx.
  • Ice cream shared with a friend.
  • A sassy stroll through the grocery on date night.
  • A card trick.
  • The dog’s happy “hello”.
  • A dash through the sprinkler.
  • A school Christmas performance.
  • The first blush with Kindergarten.
  • A hug between friends.
  • The summer ritual of picking the perfect ears of corn.
  • Holiday traditions.
  • Regular TV viewing habits.
  • Guacamole for Kid-free Mother’s day.
  • Trying new things.
  • Date nights spent with friends.
  • Birthdays.
  • Tons of good friends’ visits.
  • Jaunts through Target.
  • Toddler kung fu.
  • Brothers’ unflinching love and adoration.
  • A father’s smile.
  • Our perfectly average life

Sure, I didn’t One Second the stand-offs  around pants versus no pants or the arguments regarding laundry piles.  Slammed doors and angry words weren’t captured.  Did I record the millionth, “Can I get this app?  Can I get this app?”  Nope.  Those everyday nuisances weren’t recorded because that’d be cruel.  No one wants to watch a crying kid or a pissy spouse (I don’t want to deal with my own crap and I don’t want to see yours either).

But we forget about the simple moments: a kid taking out the recycling, a visiting puppy, the common backyard games.  These are easily over-shadowed by the bullshit adulthood brings.  The One Second project takes those otherwise unimportant moments and boils them down to a simple syrup of happiness and gratitude.

It reminds us that Life actually does happen in a string of seconds.  And when I watch our year, I’m grateful for every single one.

Try it for yourself.  I can’t be wrong twice.

May 2013 :: May 2014 from Erika Ray on Vimeo.

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  • skeller - gah. I love this soooooo much. Thus, YOU must be over-the-moon for it. Thanks to you, I’m now 1/3 thru my own (which makes ME giddy-happy). Are you continuing on? Or is a year of seconds(and no more) good?May 5, 2014 – 6:39 pmReplyCancel

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