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A Place in My Gut That Never Existed Eight Years Ago.

Seconds prior to the thump. They were in rare form.  Which makes complete sense now.

“I’d hear a crack or a thump and I’d grabbed my shoes because I knew we were going to the ER.  You just know”

– Carol Ray aka My Mother In-Law

I heard it and just knew.  My gut said, “Honey, get ready for your first trip to the ER.”  Every mother has that first moment.  That first moment where you don’t think or pass out.  You just do.  The first moment where you just want your kid fixed, but you have no idea what’s hurt.  When the OB told me I was pregnant with a boy, I knew an ER trip was possible.  When the OB told me the second time, “It’s a boy” I knew it was inevitable.  I’m pretty happy that our inevitable moment waited so long.  But inevitable can only hold out for so long before it comes knocking.  Yesterday, we got that knock.

We learned a few things yesterday:

  • Sometimes you just know something is going to happen and you can’t stop it.
  • No amount of “It’s ok”, blankets, or Spiderman can fix things.
  • “Three Little Birds” is still his go-to song for comfort.  First thing he asked for when we got him to the couch and was on repeat in the car.
  • Our ER gets you in quickly if you have a kid.
  • He loves watching TV in bed.
  • Still thinks about his brother.  He made sure to save him a pack of graham crackers and a carton of milk.
  • He’s incredibly tough and hates to let other people see he’s in pain.
  • Jumping from the chair to the couch is no longer a viable form of transportation in our house.
  • He can put together a Lego set with his left hand.
  • Fractured elbows are no fun.  Especially your good one.