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A decade of learning


Ten years ago, I held a 9 pound 1 ounce Teacher with a head full of dark hair and a really good lung capacity.

His first lesson was to teach me to be selfless.  Along the way he also taught me the power of being selfish.  He taught me patience and when to let go.  He proved that all of my laughs and smiles prior to his birth weren’t as full or as big as I had imagined.  He taught me that I didn’t know everything or that I even had a clue about most matters.  He gave me purpose.

He taught me that my heart was no longer protected by skin, bone, goo or even by my stubbornness.

Ten years ago, he placed my heart exactly where it should be.

Forever on my outside.

Unprotected from pain, but more capable of inhaling joy and love.

I’d never put it back even if I could.

Happy birthday, Kid.