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A Connected Collective

I love me some Sesame Ellis.  She’s my far-and-away stranger to text with while I’m supposed to be watching a movie with my husband.  We’ve never met but we’ve connected over our love of the words: fuck and shit.  Every now and then we get snarky about trends photography.  We’ve talked about running a blog where we dish photography and/or call bullshit on it and other life crap, but she’s classy with book deals and crap.  And some weeks (lately most weeks), I just don’t give a shit about photography.

Right before I went to work on Monday, I saw on FB post where she asked her fans about a collaboration.  I hadn’t logged on to FB all weekend, so I “Liked” her post.  BOOM!  FB message.  I couldn’t help her at 7 a.m., but last night we connected.  She explained her crazy plan and I said, “OK”.

  1. Because I think she’s pretty rad.
  2. I think the plan is rad.
  3. She knows I’m busy and said it wouldn’t be much work.
  4. I need tons of inspiration these days.
  5. I crave newness.

I usually need three good reasons to jump, she had me up to five.

Very soon there will be a new project.  One that will encourage honest connection.  Not that fake kind:

Hey I liked your page!  Like mine!

Not the kind of connection that feels out of grasp.  Sometimes there’s a cool crowd and people feel left out.  That feeling always sucks.  I’ve felt it way beyond my middle school years.  And I’ve also been accused of leaving people out.  It’s never done on purpose, but that never helps the accuser at the time.  And not the kind of connection that is formed because someone puts dozens of photos into the FB Photographer sphere every day.

rachel :: erika


Melbourne :: Columbus

The simple kind…

  • Take a good picture for a theme.
  • Get connected with another good picture.
  • Recognize beauty and similarities.
  • Be inspired by all the goodness that leaves beyond the web.

Learn that Rest in Wyoming is similar to rest in Toronto because people sit and breathe in a small moment.  Learn that Time is special to a woman in Ohio and is the same kind of special to man in Georgia.  It’s all how we see it.  And if we let ourselves, we can be connected and comforted by our basic sameness.

The plan is still hatching, but get comfy here.  There will be updates.  And maybe if I’m feeling inspired and bully Rachel a bit, we’ll post a few sample connections.

  • Jodie - I’m so so crazy excited about this! The timing is perfect and I can’t think of two cooler ladies to do it. I too am sick of the general bullshit that can come with groups of women (particularly) and photography. You got me to start a quilt after 14 years of sewing silence. Now that is some killer inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you two fab ladies cook up!July 3, 2013 – 9:08 amReplyCancel

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