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9 :: 30


I should be grateful for the fact that I listened to my gut and made freezer cinnamon rolls today.  Because tomorrow morning, we’ll start the day with sugar.  But I’m not.

Sunday I’m grateful for a conversation I had a little while ago.  It won’t leave me.  I forget about it and it bubbles up in the background.  I say, “That was nice” and I think that it will go away.  But it doesn’t.  It festers and turns into the annoying child who claws at your shirt “Mom.  Mom.  Mom.”  The child begs for you notice.  Then you finally explode, “WHAT!?!?!”  Today, I asked WHAT? and I think there might be a series in that nagging question.

My good friends have been around the blog and photography for so long.  Some read and some don’t.  I won’t push it on them.  I won’t send out “Like” requests on FB.   The blog is there.  If you want to read it, you know where to go.  I enter any situation assuming that my friends don’t read the blog.  When I tell a funny kid story that I’ve also posted, I assume they’ve never heard it.  I do always ask if I can post kid pictures, but never forward a blog post.  It’s there and they know I do it.

I’ve never had a discussion with them on WHY I do it.  And that’s fine because I written about the reasons a dozen times.  I also figure the blog is an accurate reflection of who I am.  And they’ve known that person for years prior to the Blog knowing that person.

A little while ago, I had a Blog discussion with a  good friend who just “discovered” it.  I call bullshit because Mark spilled it a year ago.  After that I never hid the fact that I’ve published, written for other blogs, produced classed, sold stock photos, had a birth photography business, etc.  But I follow my main rule: I’m not shoving the blog in your face.  I never said, “This was an amazing blog post that got a ton of traffic!”  He knew the blog existed (<s>fine, he forgot</sarcastic font>).  Read it or don’t.  I don’t give a shit.

But the discussion was a good one.  Probably the best I’ve had with a friend NOT in the “business”.  Why do I blog?  How does it feel when you hit “Publish”?  Do you write for someone?  Etc.  Those questions allowed me to re-address why I blog/write/create/photograph life.  What makes me capable?  What makes me willing to share?  Why do I blog?  Do I write for someone?   Why?

Any person who creates should address and re-address these questions on a regular basis.  But I’ve gotten lazy and no one has asked those questions in a long time.  So I’m going to focus on them.  And I’m going to do it here.  Why?  Because I think other people could benefit (main purpose of a blog).  Because I think there are people who don’t know where to start.  Because I think there are people who won’t allow themselves a new title.

But really because I think there are people who are filled with stories.

And I deeply believe the world needs more badass honest stories.

It’s not that difficult.  Just get out of your way and spew it.

You can privately do it, blog it, photograph it, quilt it, write it, knit it, sculpt it, cook it, sing it, etc. it.   I don’t give it shit how you do it.  I care that you actually do it.

I’m sick of your excuses, so I’m going to eliminate them.

9 :: 30

The nagging feeling that gave birth to a new series for the blog.

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