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8:30 Days of Gratitude


Today, I took a random Middle of the Week vacation day.  Voted.  Did some errands.  Edited the weekend’s pictures. Did a load of laundry.  Scratch that.  It still sits in the washer and I guarantee I’ll forget about it and have to wash it again tomorrow.  Did a half a load of laundry.

Over the weekend, I got a notice from the library that my book was due.  I finally started a fiction book and was half-way enjoying it.  I thought I’d finish it in the airport, but that didn’t happen.  With a day of vacation looming, I vowed to finish the book.

Today, I’m grateful for reaching the last page of a book.  Anyone with children understands how difficult this luxury can be.  There’s a satisfaction in reaching the last page.  Wasn’t the greatest book, but it wasn’t the worst.  And it got finished.  Suck it, Fiction.