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I’m the kind of photographer who doesn’t want to set-up shop.  Marketing.  Doing lots of sessions.  Getting the word of mouth going.  Staying on top of emails and schedules.  I can’t do it.  I really can’t do it with a full-time job (full-time jobs really take up a lot of time, people).  Honestly, I don’t have the desire.  To run a succesful business, you need bucket loads of desire.  There are plenty of fantastic and even more talented family photographers in Columbus.

But every now and then, I get an email from a friend who wants their family photographed.  Or from someone who saw a birth shoot or was referred by friend.  I’m grateful that someone likes my photography, so I explain the deal.  And I’m grateful when they say, “OK, Erika.  Let’s book.”   Today, I spent an hour with an adorable newborn and his lovely parents.  And even though I feel uncomfortable posing people, I’m so grateful for the shoot.  Deep-down it’s because I love spending time with people.  I love their stories and watching their connection unfold.  I enjoy discovering our common ground and the opportunity to remember my start as a parent.  I love the similarities and I love the differences.

Plus how can someone not enjoying looking at that gorgeous newborn?  Seriously.

Day 7: My occasional photo-shoots.